CCIDC Certification provides assurance to you, the consumer, that your project and funds will be handled competently and with care by a qualified interior design professional.

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Certified Interior Design Practice

In California, a Certified Interior Designer is a person who engages in programming,

planning, designing, and construction documentation services for the interior

improvement, alteration, construction or installation of non-structural, (or

non-seismic), elements within a building. They also design cabinetwork and fixtures;

and specify finishes for floors, walls and ceilings; and select furnishings and lighting


Certified Interior Designers may also submit their plans to local building departments

for a permit if their plans and your project require a licensed contractor to implement


Qualifications and Examination for Certification

To become Certified, an interior designer must have a minimum of six years combined

accredited interior design education and experience (or) a minimum of 8 years

combined interior design education and experience; plus the passage of required

exams. Interior designers are examined for competence in California Codes and

Regulations, design synthesis, schematics, programming, space planning, design

development, working drawings construction documents, furniture and finish

specifications, lighting layout and specifications, contract documents, contract

administration, and business law and ethics

Why should you hire a Certified interior designer?

The CCIDC recommends that you hire Certified Interior Designers for your interior

improvement projects because they have met the education, experience and

examination requirements established by the CCIDC Board under Section 5800 of the

California Business and Professions Code. As there is no law in California at this time

that requires interior designers to be licensed, or regulated by the state, most

consumers are not aware that literally anyone can call themselves an “interior

designer”. The CCIDC recommends “caveat emptor” (buyers beware), you could be

hiring someone unqualified to provide you with competent interior design services. To

become Certified, interior designers must prove they are fully qualified to practice in

any commercial or residential area of interior design.

CCIDC Certification provides assurance to you, the consumer, that your project and

funds will be handled competently and with care by a qualified interior design


Must I hire a Certified Interior Designer for my project?

Current California law does not require you to hire a Certified Interior Designer for your

project. However, before you hire someone to design the interior of a new structure, or

alter the interior of an existing structure, you should check the designer's credentials and

references to ensure they are qualified and competent to perform such work.

You may also want to consult the local building official in your city, or county, building

department to determine whether or not your project will also require a registered civil

or structural engineer to prepare and submit plans and specifications for that portion of

the project that may change or affect the structural system or safety of the building.

What can I expect when I work with a Certified Interior Designer?

You can expect to work with a professional who will share their knowledge, experience,

and "vision ability" in a creative and cost-efficient way. They'll provide you with a

detailed contract so you know exactly what services you are getting. With project

management systems in place, a Certified Interior Designer knows how to orchestrate

your project from start to finish. They'll help meet your project goals whether for a

favorite room, a two-story home or a large commercial space such as a restaurant,

health club or a high-tech business complex. 

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